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     The durability and beauty of natural stone, makes it an excellent product
for countertops. When using natural stone for countertop surfaces, the main
question asked is:  What type of stone should I select? With the many varieties

of natural stone available, the choice can sometimes be difficult. A well experienced

fabricator, such as Severino and Son, can assist you in making the selection easy.

     Every stone has specific properties that offer advantages or disadvantages in various

applications. Here is a quick look at what some of these materials can offer. Granites are

undoubtedly the most widely used stone in countertop surfaces today. This unique

stone includes many materials that are not true granites, by geological definition, however,

their properties are so alike that the American Society for Testing and Materials

International (ASTM) grouped them together as ‘granite’. AKA geologically as gabbro,
anorthosite, gneiss, diabase, and diorite, to name a few.Whatever called, these stones

are some of the hardest of the common countertop materials, offering high levels
of resistance to scratching, abrasion and heat. Primarily granite stone material is resistant to
almost all chemicals commonly found in a home; with todays advancements in sealer

technology, protecting countertops has never been easier!